Registration of new users

Django-freeradius does not ship logic related to registration of new users because there are many good django packages that are aimed at solving that solution.

We recommend using django-rest-auth which provides registration of new users via REST API so you can implement registration and password reset directly from your captive page.


Install django-rest-auth and django-allauth:

pip install django-rest-auth django-allauth

Add the following to your

    # ... other apps ..
    # apps needed for registration


Add the rest-auth urls to your main

urlpatterns = [
    # ...
    url(r'^api/v1/rest-auth/', include('rest_auth.urls')),
    url(r'^api/v1/registration/', include('rest_auth.registration.urls'))

Registration in openwisp-radius

In openwisp-radius the dependencies and required settings are the same but the additional registration URL route does not need to be added to because a default route with the built-in registration view is shipped. This is done because the registration needs to take into account multi-tenancy, that is, the system must know which organization the user has to be assigned to when the registration is completed.

In openwisp-radius, the registration URL is: