Generating users

Many a times, a network admin might need to generate temporary users for events etc. This feature can be used for generating users by specifying a prefix and the number of users to be generated. There are many features included in it such as:

  • Generating users in batches: all of the users of a particular prefix would be stored in batches and can be retrieved/ deleted easily using the batch functions.
  • Set an expiration date: Expiration date can be set for a batch after which the users would not able to authenticate to the RADIUS Server.
  • PDF: Get the usernames and passwords generated outputted into a PDF.

This can be accomplished from both the admin interface and the management command.


This command generates users whose usernames start with a particular prefix. Usage is as shown below.

./ prefix_add_users --name <name_of_batch> \
                             --prefix <prefix> \
                             --n <number_of_users>
                             --expiration <expiration_date> \
                             --password-length <password_length>

Note that the expiration and password-length are optional parameters which default to never and 8 respectively.

Adding from admin inteface

At the url /admin/django_freeradius/radiusbatch/add one can directly generate users using the prefix and the number of users. A PDF can be downloaded immediately after the users have been generated.